Waterblasting Clean

“Zealand Roofing Ltd have done several big jobs for us now and we have been very happy with their work. They are a small company but show great professionalism and energy.

It has been a pleasure doing business with them.”

Mike, Engineer, New Zealand King Salmon


Before and after waterblasting, the results speak for themselves.

cleaning a longrun roof

Waterblasting will lengthen the life and warranty of your roof, not to mention the outcome is a clean looking roof.

It takes time for the Moss and Lichen treatment to work, if you wish to have an instant clean roof: waterblasting the roof will do that. The process is simple yet it is time consuming.
Once water blasted clean, add the moss and lichen treatment to prevent them from coming back.

Keeping your roof clean and clear of little aliens is beneficial for the warranty and condition of your roof, not to mention your pocket. Whether your roof is concrete, metal or long run, we can water blast it clean for you. Included your gutters will be cleared and cleaned.

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