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Our Services

Roof Repairs

Do you have a leak that needs repairing? We can help find leak/s and repair your roof.

Roof Maintenance

Need someone to maintain your roof? We offer moss, algae and lichen removal services.

Extra Services

Requiring a Roof Inspection or Report? Here you will find information about Roof Inspections and Reports.

Roof Waterblasting

Does your roof look dirty and in need of a clean? Water Blasting will get your roof clean.

We Guarantee that our roof repairs will not leak! If they do we will fix it for free!

With The Exception Of Things Out Of Our Control: 
Other Human Error and Extreme Mother Nature.

A Little About Us

Zealand Roofing Ltd is 100% Owner Operated New Zealand Company run by a Kiwi man with 15+ years’ experience and knowledge in the roofing industry. You can rely on Nigel to give you expert advice and good quality workmanship and materials.

We are a husband and wife team, the roofer being Nigel and the administrator and helper being Nina.  Nina does 90% of the paperwork, which allows Nigel to be on your roof fixing it. We believe that this works well for the company and makes us a TEAM.

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Repairs are cheaper than a re-roof and often save thousands!

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